A Spring affair

Although it didn’t seem as though we had much of a Winter in San Diego because of the warm hot weather (sorry, East Coast!), Winter is coming to an end as March 20th brings the first day of Spring. Living in San Diego makes choosing our wardrobe pretty easy; it’s almost always sunny and warm. But ..

Audi has a winning Superbowl Ad.

Every few years the Superbowl has a commercial that easily wins hands down for originality. This year I put my support behind Audi for most disturbing and original…Always think outside the box

Craziest Drifting Video Ever. Go Pro has outdone themselves

If you have ever seen a car drifting you know it is a little more complicated than applying a break. This stunt driver along with a few Go Pro Video cameras captures something quite amazing. I have no clue how he keeps oriented with all that smoke.

Rap God is going to be one of the finest Rap Videos ever.

For all the people who have not seen this video get ready to be mesmerized. I have enjoyed his new album tremendously. He seems to always one up himself. This time his creative team went to new heights and made a masterpiece. The references he makes and how his pieces together a menagerie of lyrics ..

The most amazing and surprising photos of 2013

This set of images is supplied by Time Magazine Images of the year. Each photo gives you a glimpse of varying cultures and amazing things that happen from area to area. If you happen to like a photo share with your friends. &nbsp

Border Patrols taken back by immigrants stance at Mexican Border

Border Patrol Agents at the San Ysidro border are surprised by a group of immigrants that wanted to cross the border. The Border Patrol states that this event looks like it was organized and may be the first of many stances to come. The group had over 100 people and they looked like they had ..

Ultra Realistic Fantasy Dolls that are so original. Is it the next Furby?

A 23-year-old girl from Moscow, Russia, named Santini creates these ultra-realistic fantasy animal dolls. The creatures are a mix of creepy, cute and amazing. The good news is that you can buy one of these if you contact the artist directly. She is looking to market the products on Etsy in the coming months. The ..

Paul Walker: Making a difference

Hipnotic Magazine would like to take a second to show you a great actor that influenced many with his big heart. Paul Walker was a man that decided humanity should take center stage in his life. If we can take any lessons from him in life I would like to take his passion for helping ..