Introduction to the life of a model

Hello friends,
First off, a disclaimer; as a fashion model I am constantly introduced and squeezed into many different styles by creative designs. I love some, and others…. eeh, I love less. But as a model it is my job to represent OTHERS’ work. I am hired to be a blank canvas. The hair, the make-up, the outfit are someone’s hard work. It’s not up to me whether I like it or not. But I’m not here to bad-mouth anyone.

SO…. with that being said, if you see any photos of me out there that you don’t like, don’t make it a personal thing ;)

Ok, glad we had this talk :)

Now, I’m here to talk about Fashion. Whether you follow trends, brake them, or create them, there are always some useful tips to consider.

#1. Always, ALWAYS dress to your body type.

#2. Try to highlight ONE of you assets at a given time. ie: Legs, Cleavage, Waist…


Guys (I didn’t forget about you!)  NEVER EVER, under ANY consistence

Mens Fashion Faux Pas















Fashion Faux Pas For Skinny Men-Skinny jeans


OK. Now that you have a few tips, I’ll leave you to it! Go! Go explore, invent, get creative and remember to dress comfortably and in a way that makes you feel good about yourself ;)




P.S: If you’d like me to address any particular aspects of fashion, don’t hesitate to ask :)













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